Who am I?
My name is Jason, I’ve been working in Technology since 2005, primarily in Higher Ed, though I’ve done a stint in the Financial Industry as well.  I specialize in Web Application Infrastructure and Delivery on the LAMP stack.  Whether it’s enabling some front-end cache, figuring out what db queries are making the site crawl, or implementing a Single Sign On, I’m your guy.  When I’m not working my day job, you might find me <a href=”http://photography.mechanicjay.com”> taking pictures </a>,  <a href=”http://mechanicjay.com”>working on a car</a>, or playing with ancient tech.

What is this running on?
I’m sure you’re curious about what’s running this pretty WordPress facade:
Compaq ML370 G2 — Dual 1.4 Ghz PIII, 6GB Ram, 325GB of local disk.
Open Suse 11.4, Varnish in front of Apache, PHP (with an opcode cache) and MySQL on the backend.
Yes, as of May 2014, this bit of formerly enterprise kit, is 11+ years old.

As part of a move, I migrated everything to <a href=”https://linode.com”>linode</a> in mid-2014.  It’s been convenient enough that it’s still there, now running gentoo linux.

What do you hope to accomplish here?
I’m planning sharing a bit on here.  I’ll be talking about my observations on industry trends and events, talking about interesting solutions to problems encountered, and anything else tech related that seems appropriate.  I’d like also to have some guest posters at some point, let me know if you’re interested.

Anything we should know about your general philosophy on Tech?
1) html email is waste of bits, it belongs on webpages.
2) vi!
3) give me monospace or give me death!
4) The Cloud is a euphemism for “Pay someone else a lot of money to use their servers over which you have no control.”
5) Simple Solutions are the best, not only for your sanity, but for the next guy’s.


P.S. I am available on a consulting basis to help you with your web infrastructure planning or performance issues.

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