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Gitlab Upgrade: Postmortem

This is an article I drafted and forgot about. It dates from January 2016 This week at work we had an upgrade fiasco. If we want to lay some blame out there, I’ll take 50% for inadequate testing procedures, and … Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective

Over the last two weeks, I saw two talks. One was from RMS, yes THE Richard Stallman. The other was a panel of industry professionals on Cloud Computing, with representatives from Universities, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. I found Stallman’s talk … Continue reading

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Computer Scientists — The Next Generation

I’ve just had the privilege of teaching an Intro to Computer Science class for the last two Semesters at the University where I work.  The class covered basic first semester programming topics, such as functions, loops, conditionals, arrays and hash … Continue reading

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Sometimes the project finds you…(part 1)

I have been, for years, an unabashed fanboy.  I’ve been accused of being a Slashdot apologist by friends who feel that Slashdot hasn’t been relevant for 10 years.   To them, I say, its relevant to me and one of … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Since this in the invocation of a new WordPress site, I thought I’d leave the Hello World title…at least until I get a real post up about stuff and finish getting the site laid out and what not. Is it … Continue reading

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