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Okay, I’ll get this out of the way right now.  I’m a Linux Fanboy.  More than that, I love the Lizard.  Give me Suse or give me VMS  (that’s another story though).  I try to keep up to date on the Suse release cycle, getting to the newest release within a month or so of release.   I’ll give it a few months on the laptops then upgrade my work desktop.  Pretty much the only time I upgrade my personal server is when the distro is EOL.  Thankfully, the Suse Evergreen project, means I’m not trying to do scary major upgrades on a production server every 6 months.   As an aside,  I’m a huge fan of the Evergreen project.  Just before the Evergreen project was announced, I *almost* jumped ship to one of the Ubuntu LTS distros for some stability, thankfully however, I’m still green.  

Regardless, Suse 12.3 was recently released.  As has been my practice, I started on my 10 year old IBM R40.  I ran zypper dup and everything just worked, as usual.  No issues after about a week, so I said great, I’ll try it on my Lenovo T400!

I now have a Lenovo T400 that  hangs on boot at “Starting Login service”.  I’ve tried every trick in my bag to revive the install  to no avail.  I think I’m in it for a clean install on the T400, which is a disappointment.   

I will say, that this is the first Suse upgrade I’ve had go bad..ever.  I’ve been running it as my primary OS since 2006, version 10.2. I’ve run the distro upgrade on  my R40 countless times since 2006.  I’ve taken it from 10.2 -> 10.3 -> 11.1 ->11.2 ->11.2 -> 11.3 ->11.4 -> 12.2.   There were some pretty crumby versions out there (11.1 I’m looking at you!) and some awesomely stable ones 11.4 — so good, I skipped 12.1 all together. 

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Jason has worked in IT for over 10 years. Starting as a student manning the University Helpdesk to his current role as an Enterprise Systems Engineer, specializing in Web Application Infrastructure and Delivery.
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